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  • The Turkey Womens Sexy Dresses underwear Association expects to sell red underwear to $8 million in 2017.

    Turkey http://www.loverbeauty.com underwear Association (T terrorists GSAD) is expected, from the end of 2017 the red underwear sales turnover of US $8 million, association official Osman Aly said, December 29th Z.

    2016, $4 million worth of underwear products sales leader, on New Year's Eve, from Z.

    We expect the sales of red underwear to reach Cheap Sexy Lingerie $5 million this year. We will also export $3 million worth of red underwear before the new year, "he added.

    "Internet sales of red underwear industry is expected to reach $8 million this year," said o u Z.

    Turkey underwear sales overall proportion has two digit growth, according to T GSAD, head of terrorists.

    With the growth of sales figures, the underwear business has kept up with the latest trends.

    Turkey underwear industry profit of 2016, worth nearly $6 million, including $3 million 500 thousand from the color of underwear products, from Z.

    This year, the profit is expected to reach $7 million. About 4 million dollars will come from color underwear, "he said.

    According to the association's http://www.loverbeauty.com statistics, there are more than 2000 Underwear Companies in Turkey.

    Ali Z said color underwear is the world and in Turkey, they sell popular classic colors like become more and more popular, such as black, white, and naked.

    The business is very clear about this trend. Over the past few years, they have been focused on expanding their color products business. The director of the association added that they quoted the world famous underwear enterprises and their runway show.

    Another growing trend of underwear, according to o u is Z, lace, silvery, shiny things.

    "Color and decorative underwear has recently become the biggest problem for women," he said.

    Speaking of global trends and sales, he says Turkey is not lightweight on the global underwear stage.

    "Turkey underwear companies dominate the global underwear export sales to many countries, including Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Turkish Republic of northern and southern African countries, Germany, Britain, France, Holland, and so on," said o u Z.

    He added that many enterprises, especially in the Far East, have copied the Turkey underwear business and their design.
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The Turkey Womens Sexy Dresses underwear


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