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Jackson Ken Wet Soup
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Album By Kenneth Jackson in YUNG GANG MUSIC | Created 2018-08-06 16:45:54

Rap & Hip-Hop

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Description This is a song done by Jackson ken in WE MADE MUSIC RECORD...... WET SOUP, his single track.
It's a trap music.............
It's so hot.........
Hope you enjoy it' s as you download....... Thanks fans.......

Lyrics Anny is rubbing a wet soup
im hungry for a wet soup

look the booty go
going up and down
going to the town
that's ma hometown
and she's from the town
then she's all mine
black skinny ass jean
she's wearing on her ass

she's on gucci heel
she got gucci bag

she's a classic bitch 2x


look at them
they just looking
while that bitch
be walking passing by

im...... a boss
they all know that
when im working
all those niggas keep on hating me
i don't care
what they say
i only care
when i hear it

shoot that nigga

make him bleed
he's a snitch bitch
where that bitch
where she at
where she go
that's ma bitch

make the booty go
going up and down

Jackson ken

Anny is rubbing a wet soup
im hungry for a wet soup

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